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Hire of the Facilities Lemon Houses

Lemon Houses

Access to the gardens and lemon houses of the Priory is through a small entrance situated to the right of the Poet’s house; immediately the visitor is surrounded by flowers and magnolias, among which they discover precious evidenceof art and history: statues, bronzes, boulders from mountains of the Great War, fountains and cherubs, as well as a small sanctuary where the Poet-Hero celebrated the exploits of Fiume.
Just after this thought-provoking place the view opens out over terraces of citrus trees, these are the lemon houses, terraces of earth separated by low stone walls and decorated with statues of the late eighteenth century, from which one can enjoy a marvellous view of the lake.
Separated from the garden by a belvedere, a balustrade adorned with statues, further down lies the orchard, which marks the endof the area of the gardens. The lemon houses have recently been enhanced by the grandiose work of one of the major Italian artists of the twentieth century, ArnaldoPomodoro; a contemporary obeliskwhich stands out against the sky of the Vittoriale and pays homage to the beauty celebrated by d’Annunzio in every corner of his abode.

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