Secret d’Annunzio Museum

The new “Secret d’Annunzio” museum was inaugurated on 2 October 2010. It has been set up in the large exhibition space located underneath the Theatre and houses a collection of the Poet’s personal objects: his clothes, footwear, writing materials, crockery, jewelry and the outfits belonging to his mistresses.
The staging of this space (a semi-circular showroom) represents a close encounter with d’Annunzio: blow-ups capturing him in moments of his everyday life, fabrics from the Priory that hang around the semi-circle and eleven columns in the showroom recreate the atmosphere that “il Vate’s” guests were enveloped in.
The museum is designated to a dual purpose: for exhibitions and receptions. Therefore the staging contemplates leaving as much free space as possible, so as to foster a free-flowing setting for different occasions: from lessons to conventions, from award ceremonies to book presentations, all the way to banquets – without any need for modifying the premises according to different purposes. Visitors can freely move around with d’Annunzio, surrounded by messages and stories in an atmosphere of broad breadth that is thought-provoking and encourages the imagination.