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Hire of the Facilities The Ship Puglia

The Ship Puglia

Certainly one of the most unique and extraordinary places in the Vittoriale, atestimony tothe genius and originality of Gabriele d’Annnunzio.
A ship,set in the hillside inside the great park which houses the home of the bard, on a “prow-shaped plateau” which stretches out towards the lake and towards the Adriatic.
The prow of the Ship Puglia, which served in the First World War, was reassembled at the Vittorialebetween 1925 and 1938, when the stern was finished, rebuilt in masonry. An immense civil relic, with the great bronze figurehead depicting the figure of Victoryby the sculptor Renato Brozzi, the temple dedicated to those who died at sea set at second mast and the war mementos, including some models of ships, stowed in the hold.
The ship is reached by a particularly charming path, from which one can appreciate the park of the Vittoriale: from the entrance to the Museum, after arriving at the square in front of the Poet’s House, one takes the Viale di Aligi,a short climb along walkways which connect to the wooden poop deck.
Suspendedbetween history and legend, ready to set sail towards the horizon delineated by the Garda hills, among the cypresses of the park and the war cannons, on the deck of the ship one truly has the feeling of being somewhere incomparable.

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