Premises for Hire

It is possible to rent various rooms and outdoor areas in Il Vittoriale for private events and exclusive ceremonies: from weddings to business meetings, from performances to cultural events.

One can choose between various areas of different typology and capacity, either fitted or not.
On request, the areas can also be provided with outfitting and catering services for weddings envisaging up to three-hundred guests or gala banquets and evening concerts accommodating up to 1,500 spectators.

The Auditorium, with a 180-seating capacity, offers the opportunity of organizing conventions or conferences.

The Secret d’Annunzio Museum is a polyfunctional area as it can be used to host private events, but even host various temporary exhibitions.
Moreover, cocktails can be programmed on board the Royal Ship Puglia, on the loggias in Piazzetta Dalmata, on the terraces of the Lemon-house.

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