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Vittoriale museum will be closed to the public
from January 14th to 29th (excluding Sunday 20th and Sunday 27th)
to allow the realization of a feature film about the last years of Gabriele d'Annunzio's life. The film, with important actors and an international distribution, will be visible in cinemas already in 2019, and we are sure that the short closing will be compensated by the spread of the Vittoriale's image and its creator.


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The photographic archive

Buy over 3,500 photographs belonging to d'Annunzio, his life, his women, as well as the construction of the Vittoriale.


Give yourself a Cypress

Secure one of the numbered sections of the 10 Vittoriale cypresses that fell on September 19th due to a severe storm.


Adopt a cloth

Would you like to see your name forever flanked by the restoration of a cloth, a pillow of the Prioria? Today you can do it.

Il Vittoriale degli Italiani

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