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The Gardens

The Guest Arch
This is the third triumphal arch that the visitor has to pass under, built between 1926 and 1930 in an archaic shape of classical inspiration with niches prepared to host statues which were never made.

Plinth of the Piave
Built in stone from  Torri del Benaco, it was erected between 1934-1935 to symbolically represent the broken arch of a bridge very near the Piave. In 1935 a version of the “Victory of the Piave” by  ArrigoMinerbi  was placed on top (it was a gift from the council of Milan). Its wings are quivering but its feet are chained, a symbol of the will of the Italian army to resist after the rout of Caporetto.

“Dare in brocca” Plinth
One of the plinths for hoisting flags and standards. At the base and on the top of the pennant one can read the motto “DARE IN BROCCCA”, that is “hit the target”, situated at the centre of a circle with three arrows. Design by Guido Marussi.

Inspired by the amphitheatre of Pompei and by that of Taormina, it was designed by the architect Gian Carlo Maroni between 1931 and 1938 and finished in 1953. It has a capacity of 1500 spectators. From the top one can enjoy an extraordinary view of Lake Garda: from the summit of Monte Baldo to the Borghese-Cavazza island, from the Rock of Manerba to the Catullian  promontory of Sirmione.

Viale di Aligi
Descending from the Veranda of the Via Crucis one arrives in the old courtyard of the farmhouse decorated, during the time of d’Annunzio’s restoration, with crests, paterae and stone fragments set in the walls, as well as fourteenth-century Venetian well-curbs.

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