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Archives D’Annunzian Library

D’Annunzian Library

The D’Annunzian library, founded in 1954 and opened to the public in 1956, includes more than 8,000 volumes and originates from the 300 books about d’Annunzio donated by Emilio Bodrero, a bibliophile and friend of d’Annunzio, which include early works by the poet, contemporary translations and literature. The collection of books today includes works by d’Annunzio, critical works, drama, Fiume, the First World War and Fascism, the published correspondence, catalogues of exhibitions, and naturally studies related to the Vittoriale. The library continues to grow as each year new volumes published about d’Annunzio or the Vittoriale are purchased.

The entire D’Annunzian library, is included in the National Library System, as well as being catalogued on the computer.


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