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Personal Archive

The Personal Archive, which continues to increase in size, comprises two sections.

The first contains a collection of manuscripts (generally of a literary nature), drafts, prints and cuttings with notes by d’Annunzio kept in about 200 boxes. There are a total of approximately 34,000 items dated or datable between 1879 and 1938. The materials which are ordered and catalogued are described in the Inventory of the manuscripts of d’Annnunzio at the Vittoriale, published in Verona in 1968 and subsequently updated in the “Notebooks of the Vittoriale”.

The second section is made up of approximately 130 boxes which contain the originals or copies of d’Annunzio’s letters and diverse correspondence pertaining to the world and the interests of d’Annunzio: a total of 16,000 letters from libraries and public and private collections. The collection, catalogued and indexed, is described in the two volumes of the Catalogue of the letters of Gabriele d’Annunzio at the Vittoriale, published in Gardone Riviera in 1976 and subsequently updated in the “Notebooks of the Vittoriale”.


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