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Archives Archive of Fiume

Archive of Fiume

The Archive of Fiume represents an extraordinary documentary source of the twentieth century. D’Annunzio wanted it by his side at the Vittoriale immediately after the adventures in Fiume. The archive reached Gardone Riviera in March 1949.
In the following years, it was organized which ensured its preservation and made it possible to sum up the diverse contents. Subsequently further collections of considerable size and historical importance were gradually added, all of which refer to d’Annunzio’s presence in the city of Fiume.

Today the entire documentary collection has been divided into four sections

– Section I: Governments of Fiume 1918-1924
– Section II: Military
– Section III: Legionaries
– Section IV: Correspondence regarding Fiume

Work cataloguing the Archive of Fiume was completed in June 2012 and can be consulted at:


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