«Giving credit to the old saying – all for one and one for all – we wish to demonstrate that culture is a source of wealth and that wealth is a source of culture».
These are the words of Giordano Bruno Guerri, President of Il Vittoriale, during the presentation of the new Garda Musei Association.

Conceived and willed by a group of public and private administrators, Garda Musei will be the place in which all the museum and exhibition areas in Garda and its vast surroundings can come together as a team, supporting and promoting one another.

«I had this initiative in mind from the time I became a part of Il Vittoriale», explains Guerri, «as it has been devised in favour of Garda, culture and the single realities that are (and will become) part of it».

For the time being Garda Musei includes, obviously in addition to Il Vittoriale (that will be its leader), the Municipalities of Gardone Riviera, Toscolano Maderno and Salò, the Alto Garda Bresciano Park, the Valle delle Cartiere Foundation, the Mille Miglia Museum Foundation in Brescia and MuSa, namely the Salò Museum.

These are the subjects presently associated towards establishing a new cultural tourism hub able to embrace a broad territory. «I have a vast concept of what Garda means», explains Guerri. «So much so that this new association encompasses the Mille Miglia Museum in Brescia. In my opinion, Garda goes all the way to Brescia, just as it reaches Trento and Verona. The association is open to all the museums in this territory that want to become a part of it. We shall do all we can to promote subscriptions».

Its objectives are clear: «Creating a circuit of opportunities for the visitor, so that all member museums may increase their own visitors. Il Vittoriale, which is the most popular hub, will be able to bring new visitors to the other museums – and vice-versa».


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