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«Taking as given the old adage “united we are strong”, we will show that culture leads to riches, and riches lead to culture».
The words of Giordano Bruno Guerri, President of the Vittoriale, at the presentation of the new Garda Museiassociation (Garda Museums).

Thought up and desired by a group of public and private administrators, Garda Musei will be the place where all the museums and exhibitions of the vast Garda area can work as a team, mutually supporting and promoting each other.

«It is an enterprise that I have had in mind since my arrival at the Vittoriale» Guerri explains,«thought up to benefit Garda, the culture and the individual museums which are and will be part of it».

At the moment Garda Musei includes, as well as the Vittoriale which will be the leader, the Councils of Gardone Riviera, Toscolano Maderno and Salò, the Parco Alto Garda Bresciano, the Fondazione Valle delleCartiere, the Fondazione Museo Mille Miglia di Brescia and the MuSa, the Museum of Salò.

These are the members that, for now, have created an association to give life to a new touristic and cultural “attraction” which embraces a vast area. «I have a wide concept of Garda» Guerri explains, « so much so that we also find the Mille MigliaMuseum inBrescia  in the association. In my view, Garda arrives in  Brescia, as it arrives in Trento and Verona. The association is open to all the museums of this area who wish to take part. We will do what we can to stimulate membership».

The objectives are clear: «To create a circuit of opportunities for  the visitor, so that all the museums in the associationcan increase their number of visitors. The Vittoriale, which is the most frequented attraction, can bring new visitors to the museums, and viceversa».

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