D’Annunzio Library

The d’Annunzio Library, founded in 1954 and open to the public since 1956, includes more than 8,000 volumes. It originated with 300 books on d’Annunzio that were donated by Emilio Bodrero, a bibliophile friend of d’Annunzio, including the Poet’s early works, translations and literature contemporary to him. Today the book collection gathers together works by d’Annunzio, critiques, theatre, literature regarding Fiume, World War I and Fascism, published correspondence, exhibition catalogues and (naturally) research papers inherent to Il Vittoriale. The library is in continuous expansion since new books regarding d’Annunzio or Il Vittoriale are published annually and consequently purchased.

The entire d’Annunzio Library, in addition to having been catalogued in computer format, has also been included in the National Library System.