Think of Me as an Adult… It is the Truth – Studies Seminar


Participating Foundation
StefyLandia Onlus
Salò (BS)

“You must be the change you wish to see in the world”
(Mahatma Gandhi)


“When you decide to dare and walk along the innovative path of an experimental process, this is truly as such only when it produces change. The expansion of possibilities for recognizing citizen’s rights to people with disabilities, their inclusion and the growth of social capital in our territories are an indispensable condition for the establishment of actual possibilities for inclusion. While continuing its commitment of a training character, the StefyLandia Foundation has intended to organize the present new seminar dedicated to exploring and discussing support possibilities in adult dimensions for people with psycho-physical disabilities.

In fact, working at the cultural and scientific level is of fundamental importance, so that the inclusive horizon might take root and spread within the Community; that its “social worth” might also be recognized, accompanying new social models as innovative and propositional components – in an active and conscious exchange of mutual support-relationship-benefits.

This means acquiring awareness, consciousness, aggregation and enhancement of interpersonal relations in the constructive sense of everyone “making” a Community together as one.

This means promoting the culture of hospitality, “inside and outside the Foundation”, identifying vulnerability and disability as an opportunity; truly unique resources such as solidarity, subsidiarity and proximity in a synergistic dimension of continuous interaction for the benefit of the entire community.

This means being able to intercept a dual request: the one for life, that comes from those with different fragilities; and the one for help towards the growth of living spaces for all identities, which instead emerges from the territorial context as a whole.”


Pamphlet Studies Seminar “Pensami adulto… è la verità”, 14 October 2016 at Il Vittoriale

Pamphlet StefyLandia Onlus Participating Foundation in Salò (BS)