Adopt some fabric

Would you like to see your name forever coupled with the restoration of a pillow, some fabric or a room in the Priory?

Today you can. Single out the pillow, fabric or room you would like to sponsor and sign up for a donation.

This is one of the most important and ambitious projects of the Foundation. Its aim is to re-establish beauty, colours and magic to the countless cloths, fabrics, pillows, furnishings and upholstery chosen, experienced and much loved by the great Poet.

The spirit of sharing the preservation and enhancement of such precious and unique (as well as in need of immediate restoration) objects could only touch the hearts and souls of the Friends of Il Vittoriale.

Restoration work shall be conducted by Tiziana Benzi from Piacenza, who possesses all the qualifications necessary for the task. She has carried out many projects since 1997 including, amongst others, those for the Italian Ministry of Cultural Heritage and for the Quirinal Palace. Tiziana’s Curriculum Vitae may be consulted here

Once the project has been concluded, Friends of Il Vittoriale shall be photographed alongside their “adoptee” and all the pictures will be published on the Foundation’s official Website in memory of their wonderful and important deed.

As a token of Il Vittoriale’s gratitude, the first fifty subscribers shall be offered an overnight stay (during the winter) in the Washington Apartments complex, which is owned by the Foundation and is a place reminiscent of d’Annunzio flair.



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