Gabriele d’Annunzio’s Private Library

His approximately 33,000 books, one-fourth of which are antique, were artfully arranged in the Priory by subject. D’Annunzio planned it along with his librarian Antonio Bruers who took into account the following organization by theme: Latin and Greek literature and history; Dante Alighieri; Italian literature; Italian dialects; Italian history from the Middle Ages; foreign authors in Italian; French, British, German and Spanish literature and history; the Great War; moral, historical, juridical, physical, mathematical, natural, religious and philosophical sciences; a series dedicated to the East; Fine Arts; theatre; music; etc.

The library provides documentary evidence of the methods, sources and materials used for the research, preparation and inspiration gained by d’Annunzio as a writer, poet, dramatist, orator through the obvious traces of having read the works that he left behind: folded page corners, frequent pencil marks, bookmarks, legends and dried flowers placed (and still present) between the pages he pondered over.

The library (which grew thanks to d’Annunzio, until the final years of his life) also contains a collection of sheet music, some incunabula, about 300 sixteenth-century volumes purchased from Italian and French antique dealers.

The material belonging to Gabriele d’Annunzio’s Private Library can only be consulted on location, as loans are not envisaged. About half of the books in Gabriele d’Annunzio’s Private Library have been inserted into the National Library System. One may consult the semi-complete catalogue on this Website, while the complete paper catalogue is available on Il Vittoriale premises on Staderini cards.