Your wedding at Il Vittoriale


Io getto a voi tutti i miei fiori del Vittoriale,
perché da voi sieno intrecciati alle cerimonie di questo rito d’amore e d’orgoglio.

Gabriele d’Annunzio would have certainly rejoiced in seeing the abode he had built as a monument to his “inimitable life” become the stage for the emotion that, more than others, he had extolled with his poetic works.
Il Vittoriale degli Italiani Foundation and the City of Gardone Riviera have in fact stipulated the much awaited convention for the celebration of weddings and civil unions, on the premises of what has gone from being “extreme legacy of the Vate to the Italian people” to the most visited home-museum in Europe.
Gaining back its original spaces thanks to the Riconquista project and having broadened its collection of artworks over the years (so much so as to be considered an actual outdoor contemporary art museum), Il Vittoriale can presently stage celebrations. These may be held in its Auditorium, over which hovers the two-seater airplane that accompanied the Vate during his famous flight over Vienna; and its Loggiati, overlooking the home of the Poet, from which one may enjoy a marvellous view of Lake Garda.
A convention further to the countless requests put forward by Italy and foreign countries, asking to celebrate wedding rites in a venue where nature, history, poetry and art are perfectly joined together as one.


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