Nature-Environment Path

Il Vittoriale for Schools
“The Park”
Guide to the nature-environment path
For Elementary, Middle and Secondary Schools

Curated by:
Amilcare Acerbi, Renata Discacciati, Daniela Martein

To be able to understand and appreciate this monumental complex from an artistic and architectural standpoint, try to imagine the place as d’Annunzio saw it when he decided to live there in 1921. The property, measuring approximately two hectares, included a rather modest-looking villa, a farmhouse, the gardener’s lodgings, gardens, fruit orchard and olive grove. The villa was set in vegetation; the land was entirely terraced. The Poet rented it for the month of February, planning a brief stay in order to complete his draft of “Notturno”.
During the month of October that same year, he decided to purchase the property and establish his permanent residence on its premises.