Ugo Bordoni Foundation

Ugo Bordoni Foundation

Il Vittoriale degli Italiani Foundation and Ugo Bordoni Foundation: an agreement for the multimedia enjoyment of Il Vittoriale Park

Il Vittoriale degli Italiani and the Ugo Bordoni Foundation have stipulated an Agreement for the enhancement and multimedia enjoyment of Il Vittoriale Park.

Traditional methods of narrating and describing cultural heritage through the use of text captions, paper and audiovisual guides will be updated to the language of the new media by flanking the offer with an APP for mobile devices: a sort of pocket-sized audiovisual guide, to carry along at all times, for the public at large and capable of captivating even the youngest.

The Vittoriale APP is much more than the simple transfer of information from the paper format to the technological one. It will be allowing visitors to dynamically surf the contents of a text, audio, images and multimedia format in an interactive way, while moving around the park, with a range of languages to choose from and available on Apple and Android platforms.

The APP is organized with a menu presenting sites, itineraries, contemporary art, multimedia, services and events in parallel – allowing visitors to select the visit of their choice (which can always be reconfigured). All the text information contained in the application may be read or a narrating voice may be heard as one moves around the location. Images and maps suggest visiting routes, allowing the visitor to easily find his/her way around the different sites in the Park. The services and events sectors always keep visitors updated on visiting hours, tickets, bookings, events and exhibitions scheduled in Il Vittoriale.

The APP offer will also include the multimedia description of a selection of significant sites in the Park and Priory that are presently not accessible to the public and to geolocation.


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