Fiume Archive

An extraordinary source of twentieth-century documents is represented by the Fiume Archive. D’Annunzio willed it to be preserved on the premises of Il Vittoriale in the aftermath of the Fiume endeavour. The archive reached Gardone Riviera during the month of March 1949.
The archive was organized over the following years, thus ensuring its preservation and the concise knowledge of its different contents. Additional collections of remarkable size and historical relevance were progressively added to the archive – all referring to the presence of d’Annunzio in the city of Fiume.

Today the entire collection of documents has been organized into four sectors:
– Sector I: Governments of Fiume 1918–1924
– Sector II: Military
– Sector III: Legionnaires
– Sector IV: Correspondence inherent to Fiume

The catalogue of the Fiume Archive was completed in June 2012 and may be consulted online at the following address: