Historical–Literary Path

Il Vittoriale for Schools
“The Park”
Guide to the historical-literary path
For Elementary, Middle and Secondary Schools

Curated by:
Amilcare Acerbi, Renata Discacciati, Daniela Martein
Scientific advice:
Anna Maria Andreoli

For d’Annunzio the outbreak of World War I marked a very important moment in his lifetime: similarly to how he dedicated the first part of his life to art and love, he now dedicated the second part especially to the homeland. He dedicated himself heart and soul to the great drama of the war, participating in heroic deeds and dangerous endeavours, supporting patriotic ideals and the national spirit with his writings and his proclamations and was wounded so badly as to lose his sight in his right eye.
His presence on the battlefield helped in heartening the soldiers and giving a meaning to the sacrifice of hundreds of thousands of men.
He was employed by the Military Command in every Corps; he came up with a motto for every occasion and for every Corps; his deeds aroused great resonance. War cries and slogans of an ancient flair were launched to drive out the enemy and motivate the troops.
When he retired from politics, disappointed and bitter, he thought of this park as a sacrarium, a museum, a monument, not only dedicated to himself, but even to the Great War.
For this reason nature is blended with history in Il Vittoriale.