A bird’s-eye view of Il Vittoriale

“It is something divine. All I can think of is flying again”.
Promptly and punctually in the lead of innovations of his time, d’Annunzio conquered the skies in 1903 by flying for the first time from the Montichiari air circuit in Brescia.
For d’Annunzio, flight represented a powerful means of expression as it was the highest experience of movement in space granted to man and the extraordinary transfiguration of reality as seen from a new perspective.

Fascinated by the Poet’s love for the air and skies, we planned the filming of a video clip that would give a bird’s-eye view of the buildings, park and spectacular spaces conceived by d’Annunzio for Il Vittoriale.
Using a light and airy gaze, the camera brushes up against the greenery of trees, the blue of skies and of the lake, revealing the towering sculptures and buildings.
The texts in supervision, drawn from some of d’Annunzio’s letters, fade into the air like evanescent strokes of watercolour, reminiscent of the words written by the Poet and permeating Il Vittoriale and the extraordinary surrounding landscape with his presence.

Filming has been done through the use of a remote-controlled battery-powered drone, flown by a specialized pilot possessing Enac certification and licence. The drone flew over Il Vittoriale in accordance to safety provisions and with all due authorizations.
A mini-vehicle endowed with 8 propellers/engines, the drone houses a gimbal for stabilizing the shots, together with gyroscopes and accelerometers. The camera, used by a specialized operator, is an Ultra HD 4K fitted with Zeiss lens guaranteeing brightness and luminosity, maintaining a very high definition of reality.

The piano solo hints at the initial melody accompanying the beginning of our journey.
Soon the strings, with their peaceful and relaxed sounds, follow the pressing rhythms of the various piano melodies that are superimposed upon one another, creating a choir effect of various voices and various levels that disappear into the air, following the flight of the drone over Il Vittoriale and its parks.

Credits Director: Ale Milini
Drone pilot: Giuseppe Cella
Project production and coordination: Elena Marino
Editing: Luca Zambiasi
Music: Simone Lombardi

We have been producing advertising and documentary films since 1986.
Always working with the most advanced production and post-production technologies available, we have our own internal staff and avail ourselves of external collaboration provided by the best professionals in the sector.
Parallel to the works linked to the industry and advertising sector, over the years we have conducted projects inherent to the promotion of the territory and the world of art. The projects we have established by our own initiative have been flanked, over the years, by an institutional clientele. This video wishes to inaugurate the partnership stipulated with Il Vittoriale degli Italiani Foundation.