La grande loggia è aperta: in alto, tra le due colonne, appare il cielo notturno, palpitante di stelle. Un candeliere arde su la tavola ingombra. Il silenzio è profondo. [Città morta]


The Loggiati connect the most recent part of the museum, namely Schifamondo, to the Priory, the archives and the library.

These are covered terraces that face directly onto the small square (Piazzetta) in front of the Poet’s House. From the Loggiati one can enjoy a magnificent view of the lake.

The middle is occupied by an enclosed veranda with splendid Art Nouveau stained glass windows; these premises are also employed as an exhibition space.

The Loggiati are the ideal place for organizing cocktails and events; a unique and elegant setting, conceived by the man who is considered the father of Italian taste.